Saturday, November 19, 2005

WannaGet Blog Games

Mad Inventor, Dan Zen has created three blogs that host the WannaGet collecting Game. They are:

WannaGet Potter
WannaGet Narnia
WannaGet Bond

Please enjoy WannaGet and if you can, help promote it and please pass the link along to any content providers you think may be interested.

Dan Zen

WannaGet Active!

The prototype period for WannaGet is over! The game was tested with a dozen players and an extra feature was added. A random number of points are now given when the Wanna link is clicked.

Our PayPal instant payment feature finally has its sockets working. When we were testing in the PayPal sandbox, we were having difficulties verifying the socket response between WannaGet and Paypal. It turns out that you have to call for the socket URL.

So have fun!

Dan Zen

Monday, September 05, 2005

Welcome to WannaGet

WannaGet is the collecting game for a collection of collectors ;-). And it is designed specifically for content creators - like site owners and Bloggers - to offer their viewers something fun.

Partner and host the WannaGet game
Read the WannaGet Rules

At Dan Zen,, we have been making zany games, gadgets, communities and tools for over ten years and were honored with a 2002 Canadian New Media Award. Our games tend to be mind games - role playing, interactive through thought more so than action. This text based approach is ideal for Blog viewers in a Blog environment.

As far as we know, we have not seen Blog games on Blog sites but we are so busy creating that we do not often poke our heads out of the workshop. This game is as much fun for the players as it is for the Bloggers. They get to add items on topics of their choosing and the players get to collect the items. We will save the detailed workings of the game for our next Blog post.

Finally, as content creators, we realize how difficult it is to support our content financially. Dan Zen alone has provided hundreds of thousands of hours of entertainment and only managed a couple of dozen donations. And despite, many innovative approaches to getting paid for the content and avoid advertising, it has been quite the battle. WannaGet, the collection game, provides an opportunity for you to receive money from your visitors. More on that later too.

So, please have a read through the WannaGet blog and you will notice a version of the game running under the links. Just click an item at any time to launch WannaGet and note the partner link to read more and sign up!

All the best,

Dan Zen

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meets Internet
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